Besides the USA, several other nations had their final Olympic selection competitions this weekend, such as Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Here we check on the competition itself and the teams selected for each country.

Starting with Italy, Vanessa Ferrari seems to be completely recovered from her Achilles injury that kept her out of competition for several months and won Gold in the All-Around competition with 58.950 (scores include bonus). She vaulted a somewhat tucked DTY but still got a 15 thanks to the difficulty and the bonus in place, while on bars she scored 14 after a 5.8-difficulty routine that included a lot of forward giants, a piked jaeger and a Chinese style pirouette, but also some form breaks such as an over-arched handstand. On beam, she presented a quite original series with BHS to BHS to tuck full and had a mostly solid performance with just some wobbles here and there for a score in the low 15s. Finally on floor, she brought back her “Nessun Dorma” floor music from 2006 and she had a very strong showing with a double double as her first pass (with a tiny step out-of-bounds), followed by a stuck double layout, a full-in and a stuck double pike to finish, scoring in the high-14s.

In second place, over a point behind Ferrari, was Carlotta Ferlito with 57.700. On vault she presented her usual Yurchenko 1.5 with bent knees at the end but scored 14.600, while on bars she had her lowest score of the day, in the high-13s. On beam she brought back her double pike dismount and stuck it after having a strong performance for a score of 14.650, which she also got on floor after a routine that included a new double layout, a full-in and a double pike to finish.

Taking the bronze medal was Elisa Meneghini with 56.350, after problems on beam. Her Yurchenko 1.5 on vault had a big step on landing scoring in the mid-14s, while on bars she scored just below 14. On beam she once again fell on her layout full (she’s the Italian version of Seda) but had an otherwise solid routine that scored in the mid-13s and still made event finals. However, she’s been missing that skill basically every time she competes it (except for Team Finals at Euros) and should probably take it out for Rio to avoid a big deduction for the team score. Finally on floor she scored in the mid-14s after a fun performance that included a double layout, a full-in, two whips to double tuck and a double pike at the end.

Only three more gymnasts competed All-Around with Lara Mori finishing in fourth with 54.600, Giada Grisetti in fifth with 52.350 and Giorgia Campana in sixth with 51.850. Martina Rizzelli competed everything but beam and scored in the high-14s on both vault and bars (the events she’s most likely to contribute to the team) and just above 14 on floor. Arianna Rocca also competed three events, skipping bars, and scored in the low-14s on all of them. The remaining top contenders did two events each, with Erika Fasana scoring in the high-14s on floor and high-13s on beam, while Giorgia Villa scored in the low-14s on bars and high-13s on floor and Tea Ugrin scored in the low-14s on bars but only got a 12.650 on beam after a fall and she also needs surgery for a tendon issue on her foot.

In event finals, Asia D’Amato won vault with an average of 14.800 after performing a DTY and a front layout half, Martina Rizzelli won bars with a score of 14.650 (0.2 bonus), Carlotta Ferlito and Elisa Meneghini tied for Gold on beam with a score of 14.400 and Elisa Meneghini won floor with a score of 14.650 (0.4 bonus).

After these results the Olympic team was announced as Vanessa Ferrari, Carlotta Ferlito, Elisa Meneghini, Martina Rizzelli and Erika Fasana, with Lara Mori as the alternate.

Full results here.

On German soil, Sophie Scheder won the All-Around competition with 58.066 after hit routines on all four events. On vault she performed her FTY as clean as possible for a score of 14.200, while on her best event, the uneven bars, she had a fantastic routine, including her trademark release move, the inbar piked Tkachev, and scored a huge 15.333 for 6.6-difficulty. On beam she was steady and calm and managed to get in the high-14s despite her slightly low difficulty (just 5.6 D-score) and on floor she also performed cleanly for a score of 13.833, very good considering her 5.3 difficulty.

In second place was Elisabeth Seitz with 57.498. On vault she too performed a FTY with a small hop back for a score just below 14, followed by a competition high 15.466 on bars despite not connecting her pak to Chow half has she did at Nationals two weeks ago. On beam she had a mostly clean routine capped off with a stuck gainer layout and managed to score in the low-14s, while on floor she posted in the high-13s due to her low difficulty.

Rounding-up the podium was Kim Bui who recovered incredibly from her second ACL injury last May to become once again one of the rocks of the German team, scoring 57.266. On vault she performed a clean FTY with a small hop back to score 14, while on bars she got just above 15 for a routine that included a jaeger to pak, a Maloney to Bhardwaj, a Van Leeuwen, a gienger and a stuck full-in dismount. On beam she hit her round-off to back pike mount to start what was an amazing routine and also finished with a gainer layout, which seems to be the trending beam dismount in Germany, scoring in the low-14s. Finally on floor she has a more difficult routine than her teammates (5.7 D-score), performing four tumbling passes (double layout, double tuck, 2.5 twists to front pike and double pike) coupled with difficult dance elements and great choreography.

Less than two tenths behind Bui was Pauline Schaefer in fourth placewith 57.099, followed by Tabea Alt in fifth with 57.065 after landing issues on all of her tumbles on floor. The remaining gymnasts were much further from the top, with sixth place finisher Sarah Voss scoring just 53.799. This result made it quite easy to choose the Olympic Team with the top 5 All-Arounders making it, as those are also their best athletes on each event. Therefore, the German Olympic Team for the Rio Olympic Games will be Sophie Scheder, Elisabeth Seitz, Kim Bui, Pauline Schaefer and Tabea Alt, with Pauline Tratz as their alternate.

Full results here.

Finally the Dutch team had their final Olympic selection competition at a friendly meet with the Brazilian team and several individual gymnasts from different countries, some prepping for the Games, others continuing their careers despite missing on this year’s big event. Eythora Thorsdottir tied with Rebeca Andrade of Brazil for first place with 57.250 after great performances on everything but bars. On vault, Thorsdottir now does a DTY that she nearly stuck for a 15.150 (which Andrade also got for her equally great DTY), while on bars she had a form break on her toe-on full and was forced to take a couple of extra swings to get back on track, which made her quite tired for the rest of the routine resulting in a few more small mistakes and a score in the mid-13s. On beam she had a big wobble on her illusion turn touching the beam and was again off balance on her front aerial keeping her score at just 14.550 (still third best on the event). Finally on floor she performed her amazingly creepy routine featuring a triple twist to punch front and a Mustafina turn to illusion to score a 14.

The next Dutch was Lieke Wevers in third place with 57.050 after also having some issues on bars. On vault, her FTY scored 14.150, while on bars she only got 13.800 despite her 6.0-difficulty after touching her knees on the mat on her double front dismount, the same mistake she made two weeks ago at Nationals. On beam she scored just below 15 for a solid routine with a stuck gainer layout dismount, while on floor she brought back her old routine, ditching the “Schindler’s list” music she had at the Test Event, to score in the low-14s after a solid performance.

Outside the podium were Céline van Gerner in fourth with 55.950, Vera van Pol in fifth with 54.900, Tisha Volleman in sixth with 54.550, Reina Beltman in tenth with 53.650 and Kristen Polderman in thirteenth with 49.950. Aside from these all-arounders, Mara Titarsolej and Sanne Wevers also competed on a few events, with Titarsolej scoring in the high-13s on vault, low-14s on bars and just below 13 on beam, while Sanne Wevers crashed her bars for just 11.600 but got a huge 15.400 on beam for her 6.9 (!) difficulty routine. If she pulls this together in event finals, we could be looking at the new Olympic Champion on beam.

Following this meet and taking in consideration several other competitions, the Dutch announced their first Olympic Gymnastics Team since 1976 featuring the gymnasts Sanne Wevers, Lieke Wevers, Eythora Thorsdottir, Céline van Gerner and Vera van Pol, with Tisha Volleman and Reina Beltman as their alternates.

Full results here.

This weekend saw the announcement of several gymnastics teams as we get closer and closer to the Games (less than four weeks!), proving things are coming together for the best in the world and that we are in for a great show of sport and team spirit in Rio.


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