Chinese Nationals 2017 – Event Finals

After days of team and all-around competition, it was finally time for the event specialists to take center stage and show their own skills at this year’s Chinese Nationals. With juniors and seniors competing together, this was another great opportunity to see the dynamics of Team China for the 2017-2020 quad. Continue reading “Chinese Nationals 2017 – Event Finals”


Koper Challenge Cup 2017

Just as the Chinese Nationals Championships ended on one side of the world, the World Challenge Cup series took off in Europe with its first stop in Koper, Slovenia. While the field wasn’t the most competitive, this meet marked the return of some of last quad’s stars and the senior international debut of some new faces. Continue reading “Koper Challenge Cup 2017”

Chinese Nationals 2017 – AA Finals

After competing for their respective provincial teams on Saturday, the best all-around gymnasts came back on Sunday to fight for themselves in the final and hopefully add another medal to their individual collections. With the men competing in the morning and the girls in the afternoon, some athletes were able to show their best performances while others suffered some disappointments. Continue reading “Chinese Nationals 2017 – AA Finals”

Chinese Nationals 2017 – Team Finals

After European Championships at the end of April, our focus shifted all the way around the globe to watch this year’s Chinese Nationals, featuring some familiar faces and also some new comers who have burst into the scene more recently. Starting off with qualifications that also served at a team final competition between the different provincial teams, the gymnasts went on to show their skills and celebrate the best of the country. Continue reading “Chinese Nationals 2017 – Team Finals”

Euros 2017 – WAG Event Finals

With the all-around final finished and no team competition happening this year, some of the gymnasts were able to rest a little sooner and enjoy the show from the event specialists. Continuing with the trend of these championships, surprises were still found at every corner and some lesser known athletes managed to outscore established competitors. Continue reading “Euros 2017 – WAG Event Finals”

Euros 2017 – WAG AA Finals

Following the two qualification days and the men’s all-around final in the morning, the women’s all-around final took place on Friday afternoon, gathering the top 24 female gymnasts across all four apparatus. While some athletes were not at their best here, the competition was still very entertaining and full of surprises. Continue reading “Euros 2017 – WAG AA Finals”