German Nationals 2017 – Event Finals

After the conclusion of the all-around finals, the athletes has another chance to shine with the best on each apparatus competing at the respective event finals. While some new faces managed to reach the podium, most of the medals belonged to well-known gymnasts, proving German gymnastics is still mostly relying on veterans. Continue reading “German Nationals 2017 – Event Finals”


French Nationals 2017

Rounding up the National Championships taking place in May, the French gymnasts got together in Ponts-de-Cé for their own competition, featuring male and female athletes in both senior and junior categories. While the all-around final separated the younger from the older gymnasts, the event finals combined all age categories and provided a great opportunity for the younger kids to compete alongside their role models. Continue reading “French Nationals 2017”

Canadian Nationals 2017

Like many other countries, Canada has also hosted its National Championships at the end of May, bringing together male and female gymnasts across different levels from all over the country. With All-around and Event Finals, multiple athletes managed to win some medals and take home a sweet memory from this championships. Continue reading “Canadian Nationals 2017”

Osijek World Cup 2017

After the first World Challenge Cup in Koper, Slovenia, a few weeks ago, the circuit continued in Osijek, Croatia for another round of competition featuring some of the world’s top gymnasts. With most of field being the exact same as the previous meet, this was a great opportunity to see who’s consistent with their performances and can deliver their routines as best as possible whenever they need to. Continue reading “Osijek World Cup 2017”

NHK Trophy 2017

While we were all focused on World Cups and Asian Championships, the Japanese have already started looking at Worlds and begun their selection process to determine the gymnasts going to Montreal later this year. With some more meets yet to come, two spots have already been secured for each of the teams and athletes can start focusing on their preparation for the biggest competition of the year. Continue reading “NHK Trophy 2017”

Chinese Nationals 2017 – Event Finals

After days of team and all-around competition, it was finally time for the event specialists to take center stage and show their own skills at this year’s Chinese Nationals. With juniors and seniors competing together, this was another great opportunity to see the dynamics of Team China for the 2017-2020 quad. Continue reading “Chinese Nationals 2017 – Event Finals”