NHK Trophy 2017

While we were all focused on World Cups and Asian Championships, the Japanese have already started looking at Worlds and begun their selection process to determine the gymnasts going to Montreal later this year. With some more meets yet to come, two spots have already been secured for each of the teams and athletes can start focusing on their preparation for the biggest competition of the year. Continue reading “NHK Trophy 2017”


Asian Championships 2017 – Team Finals

After the European Championships in Romania about a month ago, it is  time for another continental competition, now in Bangkok, Thailand with the Asian Championships where gymnasts, juniors and seniors, from the most populous continent have come together to show off their skills and take home some prestigious titles for their respective countries. Continue reading “Asian Championships 2017 – Team Finals”

Gymnix 2017 – Seniors

After a few individual competitions early on, the first international team competition of the new Olympic cycle finally came to be in Montreal, Canada, with the 26th edition of International Gymnix, on March 10th to 12th. While no country expects to be at the top of their game at this point in time, this meet gave us the chance to see some new team dynamics and prepare for what’s in store for the next four years. Continue reading “Gymnix 2017 – Seniors”