Asian Championships 2017 – AA Finals

Aside from counting as team finals, the qualification round at the Asian Championships also served as an all-around final, crowning the best individual gymnasts across all events and providing yet another chance for gymnasts to gather some medals for their home nations. Continue reading “Asian Championships 2017 – AA Finals”


Doha World Cup 2017

And before we knew it, the 2016-2017 Apparatus World Cup circuit came to an end in Doha, in the last weekend of March. Some of the usual competitors made one final appearance, hoping to add a few more points to their World Cup ranking and get some more practice as we get closer and closer to the big meets of the season.  Continue reading “Doha World Cup 2017”

Melbourne World Cup 2017

With the beginning of yet another season, a new World Cup circuit is here and the individual apparatus series just started this weekend in Melbourne, Australia. Despite only attracting a small number of gymnasts on both the men’s and women’s side, this was a very entertaining competition and showed some very promising performances. Continue reading “Melbourne World Cup 2017”