Asian Championships 2017 – Team Finals

After the European Championships in Romania about a month ago, it is  time for another continental competition, now in Bangkok, Thailand with the Asian Championships where gymnasts, juniors and seniors, from the most populous continent have come together to show off their skills and take home some prestigious titles for their respective countries. Continue reading “Asian Championships 2017 – Team Finals”


Chinese Nationals 2017 – Team Finals

After European Championships at the end of April, our focus shifted all the way around the globe to watch this year’s Chinese Nationals, featuring some familiar faces and also some new comers who have burst into the scene more recently. Starting off with qualifications that also served at a team final competition between the different provincial teams, the gymnasts went on to show their skills and celebrate the best of the country. Continue reading “Chinese Nationals 2017 – Team Finals”

Rio 2016 – WAG Team Finals

The day after the crowning of Japan as the new Olympic Team Champions, it was time for the women to fight for the title of best gymnastics team in the world. Qualifying in first place by nearly ten full points and hoping to continue their winning streak started in 2011, the USA were the clear favorites for Gold and they eventually won the competition with an eight point margin to Silver medalists Russia, with China taking home the Bronze medal. Continue reading “Rio 2016 – WAG Team Finals”

Euros 2016 – Senior Team Final

Without an All-Around Final this year, the main focus of the European Seniors gymnasts was on the Team Final, taking place on Saturday, June 4th. After exciting performances from some of the competitors and disappointments from others, Russia took the Gold with a five point margin to Silver medalist Great Britain and France managed to get Bronze for their consistent and solid routines. Continue reading “Euros 2016 – Senior Team Final”