German Nationals 2017 – Event Finals

After the conclusion of the all-around finals, the athletes had another chance to shine with the best on each apparatus competing at the respective event finals. While some new faces managed to reach the podium, most of the medals belonged to well-known gymnasts, proving German gymnastics is still mostly relying on veterans. Continue reading “German Nationals 2017 – Event Finals”


Australian Nationals 2017

After showing up at some World Cup competitions, including the one in their home country in Melbourne, the Australian gymnasts got together once more for their National Championships, which took place last week, from May 22nd through to May 28th. Continue reading “Australian Nationals 2017”

Chinese Nationals 2017 – Event Finals

After days of team and all-around competition, it was finally time for the event specialists to take center stage and show their own skills at this year’s Chinese Nationals. With juniors and seniors competing together, this was another great opportunity to see the dynamics of Team China for the 2017-2020 quad. Continue reading “Chinese Nationals 2017 – Event Finals”

Euros 2017 – WAG Event Finals

With the all-around final finished and no team competition happening this year, some of the gymnasts were able to rest a little sooner and enjoy the show from the event specialists. Continuing with the trend of these championships, surprises were still found at every corner and some lesser known athletes managed to outscore established competitors. Continue reading “Euros 2017 – WAG Event Finals”

British Championships 2017 – Event Finals

After the all-around competition was done for the Brits, it was time for the event specialist to have their moment of glory on Sunday as they competed on their favorite apparatus. Just like in the all-around, the women’s scores have some extra bonus for difficult skills and stuck landings so don’t except these exact numbers internationally. Continue reading “British Championships 2017 – Event Finals”

Russian Championships 2017 – Event Finals

After the completion of the team and all-around finals from Wednesday to Friday, the weekend brought the event specialists to the front stage with the individual apparatus finals. Because this is Russian gymnastics, not everyone was able to put forward their best work and some surprise champions were crowned when more experienced players faltered. Continue reading “Russian Championships 2017 – Event Finals”